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HA yaml or Node red text examples for your use.

Call Service node to make announcements with Alexa devices on Node Red:

This goes in the Data line below the Entity Id line:

{"message":"Its Tuesday the garbage cans need to be taken out","data":{"type":"tts"}}

{"message":"Its Tuesday, the garbage cans need to be taken out","data":{"type":"announce"}}

The first one doesn't announce the message. The second one will.

Here is the yaml version:

Just add the name of your media player under the target.

If you don't want to announce then with these examples she will just speak.

Here are examples of sending messages to your phone if you have the mobile app installed:

here is the Node Red example:


put what you want in the quotes above.

Yaml versions:

Yaml: for the TTS card for using Alexa to say things for you. NOTE: you have to have the mini media player card installed for this to work.

type: 'custom:mini-media-player' artwork: full-cover entity: media_player.CHANGETHISTOYOURDEVICE icon: 'mdi:amazon' tts: platform: alexa enity_id: media_player.CHANGETHISTOYOURDEVICE

Yaml: for the NFC tags

- id: '1599667636742' alias: NFC tag test description: '' trigger: - event_data: device_id: 7CHANGE THIS TO Y9OUR DEIVCEID tag_id: CHANGE THIS TO YOUR TAG ID event_type: tag_scanned platform: event condition: [] action: - data: {} entity_id: switch.family_room_lamp service: switch.turn_on mode: single

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