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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Case#1: Decreasing wife approval points aka light switches not working

This is the start of a series of posts were I will fix things that are broken, or break in my house.


Of course when I go to shift for 24 hours things break. I get the dreaded text message. "Your light switches you HAD to change aren't working." So the first thing with a message like that I always question if she is truly meaning plural light switches. I text her back: "what switches aren't working". My worst fear, there were six not working. Now I had not changed crap for three days in HA so.......

So the majority of my light switches are flashed Wifi switches, well all but one. I have an addiction. I have a couple of brands of smart switches. The the main ones that I use are Aoycocr SW1. I flashed them over the air with Tasmota. They WERE working fine up until two days ago when she tried to turn on the light.

FIX #1

Push the button a bunch of times....the old hit it with a hammer method!

Of course it didn't work. If it did there wouldn't be a post about it.

FIX #2

So frustrated I went to the forums and looked for a similar problem. No go, nothing I could find. I posted to Dr. Zzs group and got this response :

SetOption73Enable Buttons decoupling and send multi-press and hold MQTT messages
0 = disable decoupling (default)
1 = enable decoupling

In the command line it was set to 0 so I set it 1 and then back to 0 to see if there was something weird with it. Yea no go. Still no response with the physical portion of the switch.

FIX #3

So being the troubleshooter I am I went and turned off the breaker and opened the box. All the wires were intact. I mean the light on the switch was on. But in the many years I have done electrical contracting, even the most seasoned installer, can have wires come loose from a device, it just happens. Nope all good.


So after being continually frustrated. I decided to change the module to generic and reboot the device.

I then put it back to the correct module again. Still no go.


Upgrade the firmware:

Still nothing. I was definitely thinking it had to be something to with Tasmota, the template, or something with the rules. I don't think it has anything to do with the switch at all.


I entered Reset 6 essentially put it back to the state it was when it was just flashed as a Sonoff Basic Module.

I put back in the template that I used before when it was working:

{"NAME":"Aoycocr SW1","GPIO":[158,255,57,255,255,255,255,255,56,17,255,21,255],"FLAG":15,"BASE":18}


Credit for this goes to Paul Barrett in Dr Zzs Facebook group. With all the negativity in the world it's nice to have people helping others still. Now to fix the six other ones that are messed up before I have to sleep on the coach, AGAIN.

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