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Friday, March 26, 2021

Wyze Watch!!!

So prior to getting entangled into Home Assistant and getting devices out of the cloud, I was a Wyze fan boy. They have cheap but good products. I still have the first camera I bought from them and it is still working. Flash forward to now. They have scales, thermometers, sensors, a vacuum and a watch. When I got notified that they had a preorder for the watch I jumped in. I paid for this watch and am not sponsored in anyway.

It came in a small box and in the picture below all that came with it was a quick start guide, the watch and a usb charging cable. I was surprised that was all that came in the box but I guess that all you need. The charging cable is just that a cable. It is a proprietary plug so you have to use their cable. Its not a docking station or anything fancy just a cable. Here is the back of the watch the bottom is where the charger attached and in the center is the sensors for heart rate and spo2

Size compared to my old Fitbit charge is about the same. The outer case of it feels like a brushed aluminum. The screen is soft to the touch and it comes in two sizes, 47 mm and 44mm. I got the larger size but in comparison to my old fit bit it wasn't much bigger. In the picture below the screen is more of a rectangle and the longer end is situated along the band.

It came with just a standard band that feels like rubber which is about the same the Fitbit came with. 

The watch has only one button and it is on the right side of the screen which if you were it on your left wrist, it will be close to your hand. The touch screen is sharp and very responsive. The colors are bright and the menus transition pretty fast.

This is stock without any added feature. 

They claim that the battery life is supposed last for 9 days. But I have only had it for a day and the battery meter hasn't moved. 

In terms of smart home integration. I was able to use an actionable notification from Home Assistant on the watch and it worked like it was supposed to. I have some Wyze cams and they integrate seamlessly. I also tested some first generation motion and door sensors and they send and alert almost immediately.

So usually people have a bunch of pros and cons about things. But the only thing that I found that is kind of a pain, is I get some double notifications. It happens only with certain apps. But all other ones from my phone pop up on the watch. I have a Pixel phone so I can't speak about Apple.

I only paid $19.95 for it as a preorder special. As of writing this the phone app said they were sold out. I am greatly impressed with this watch. My Fitbit new was over $100. This watch preforms better, has a better screen resolution and has more features that the Fitbit for a quarter of the price.

My only gripe is were the only button on the watch is located. If you wear the watch on your left arm the button is on the inside toward hour hand. 

So if you happen to bend your arm/wrist too much you activate the button. But that is the only thing I have found so far that is an annoyance. I will probably change the band when more are available as these rubber ones tend to hold sweat.

So there is my two cents about the new Wyze watch. You can't beat that price and I will post on twitter about anything new that they come out with. 

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